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Posted :3/9/2009

The transplanted hairs have been jumping ship for about 5 days now. I first noticed 2 or 3 come out when I was washing my hair in the recipient area at around 14 days post-op, but now it is happening in earnest! Last night, for example, about 20 came out in the bath and another 10 on the tips of my fingers when I was putting aloe vera on the recipient area. And for every one I notice, there's probably at least another five I don't!

Another great feature of the forum is having gained understanding that allows me to manage my expectations. So, while I am not rubbing the recipient area roughly, nor am I doing it timidly. I am confident about this having zero effect on my grafts because they were "locked and loaded" about 10 days ago. Equally, I know that the shedding between two and four weeks post-op is entirely normal.

And, you know what? I'm actually really glad it happens this way. If I suddenly appeared in front of friends and colleagues with a verdant meadow of hair, I'd look ridiculous and my HT would be obvious. This way, I am getting back to how I looked pre-op and just have to play a long waiting game before the little fellows re-appear.

My main concerns at the moment are (a) the continuing visibility of my donor area and (b) the prospect of (soon) becoming balder in the recipient area than I was pre-op. I have seen this happen on many blogs. As to (a), I experimented with Nanogen fibres in advance of a work meeting and nobody batted an eyelid. So I am confident that my fully fledged return to work tomorrow will be fine. I will post some photos with concealer tomorrow. As to (b), I don't think I've had much shock loss, but let's wait and see ...

A couple of last observations. Neither the recipient nor donor area have been itchy at all. Also, there is some numbness in my recipient area and a small amount on the back of my head directly above the donor area, but it is definitely lessening. The tightness is still there but again is noticeably lessening.

All the pictures below were taken outside with no flash.

3-weeks-post-op - the shedding is very noticeable

The shedding is very noticeable with this picture.

3-weeks-post-op - top view.

Top view.

3-weeks-post-op - front third. much this is my natural

Front third. Much of this is my natural forelock growing back.

3-weeks-post-op - donor area right. note my previous

Donor area from right. Note my previous comment that the small bald area 5cm from the end is unconnected with the HT but relates to an early wart removal procedure.

3-weeks-post-op - donor area back.

Donor area from back.

3-weeks-post-op - donor area left.

Donor area from left.