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Posted :3/16/2009

The last week has seen the shedding continue: I would say that, on the cusp of four weeks post-op, the majority of grafts have now flown the nest. I have also re-started exercises. My preferred exercise is circuit training. I am doing all exercises, save for clasping the rear of my head when doing crunches so as to avoid scar stretching. This last week has also seen the arrival of the spots (pimples for those in the US!) - they're not too unsightly because they're only noticeable close-up. My wife enjoyed squeezed a couple: if and when you go through this process, dear reader, please be gentle. The first was fine, but I'm fairly sure that the second resulted (even at this stage) in the loss of a graft. A double follicle came out with a fair bit of skin and bled quite a lot, leaving a tiny crater! In some ways though this was comforting - it is the first time this has happened to me, and goes to show that you really have to apply very significant pressure at this late stage to dislodge a graft. In future, I will use a hot flannel on the area first. I have split this week's photos into three groups: (a) outside in the bright sunlight; (b) inside with flash and (c) close-ups. I am taking numerous photos but choosing to show you those that seem to me the most honest. Some photos, with the luck of light and shade, make the donor area barely noticeable, but it would be misleading to select those for this blog.

4-weeks-post-op - recipient area right. i may be fooling

Recipient area, from right. I may be fooling myself, but there are tiny hairs growing under the skin - just about visible in this photo. Possibly the very first signs of growth? Not kidding myself though - months to go yet!

4-weeks-post-op - recipient area left.

Recipient area, from left.

4-weeks-post-op - donor area rear/left no concealer.

Donor area, from rear/left, no concealer. I'll admit I was surprised at how visible the donor area still was from this angle. This is not representative of all the photos I took, but I want to show you the most honest. Again, for appearing at work, I can hide it successfully with Nanogen fibres.

4-weeks-post-op - as above under direct sunlight.

As above, under direct sunlight.

4-weeks-post-op - donor area rear/right no concealer.

Donor area, from rear/right, no concealer. At this point, it is easy to disguise this area with concealer, and out of about 30 photos, this is the one in which it was most visible from this angle.

4-weeks-post-op - forelock all grown back some grafts

Forelock all grown back, some grafts remaining, noticeable spots.