Acrobaz's - Profile page 5-months-post-op

Posted :7/17/2009

I'm very pleased with how things are progressing. The hairline is thickening at the quickest rate (although the right side at a slower pace than the left) and the area behind my forelock is thickening at the slowest rate. But I know that this is a long game and so I am staying patient. There is a lot of time to go yet, but the early results are encouraging. I still get the occasional spot/pimple around the recipient area although none around the scar any more. The feelings of tightness in the donor area have gone entirely. I have also begun to get a few comments from friends, mostly along the lines of "have you lost some weight?" or "have you had a new haircut?" The pictures below were taken in daylight (shade) without flash although the last one in direct sunlight. I was wearing a small amount of gel.

5-months-post-op - right hand side.

Right hand side.

5-months-post-op - left hand side.

Left hand side.

5-months-post-op - top head in direct sunlight. i

Top of head in direct sunlight. I have included this to give an honest picture of how my scalp still catches the sun if given half a chance!

5-months-post-op - the developing hairline.

The developing hairline.

5-months-post-op - another picture developing hairline

Another picture of the developing hairline - I like this one.

5-months-post-op - top head in daylight shade - still

Top of head in daylight (shade) - still quite a gap behind the forelock.