Acrobaz's - Profile page 6-months-post-op-wet

Posted :8/17/2009

My six-month pictures were taken after a very long walk in the pouring rain, during which I got absolutely soaked! It provided me with an opportunity to take some pictures outside in the wet. My hair is quite long (for me) in these photos, which adds to the illusion of density.

6-months-post-op-wet - from right.

From the right.

6-months-post-op-wet - the hairline.

The hairline.

From the left. Scar faintly visible.

6-months-post-op-wet - the forelock.

The forelock.

6-months-post-op-wet - forelock with flash.

Forelock with flash.

6-months-post-op-wet - i have included this one simply

I have included this one simply to show how lighting and distance can create an illusion of full density - especially with my hair the length it was here. Even knowing the extent of the illusion, I'm still very pleased with this picture!