Acrobaz's - Profile page 6-weeks-post-op

Posted :3/29/2009

Everything is moving along nicely. I am still getting spots/pimples in the recipient area (probably about two or three a week, nothing major). Apart from about 30 stubborn grafts that seem absolutely determined to remain, I am now almost entirely back to my pre-op look. The donor area is a slightly mixed bag: the left side is healing perfectly with no complications, but the right side is quite irritable - see the close-up pic below. I'm about to enter the doldrums phase, but feel really chilled about it. I recognise that it will be four-six months (June to August for me) when things are likely to start happening. So I'm looking forward to the summer and keeping my fingers crossed for a good result!

6-weeks-post-op - this second photo is just to emphasise

This second photo is just to emphasise how completely I have returned to my pre-op look. Compare it with the second photo in the "Immediately pre-op" entry.

6-weeks-post-op - compare this photo to first photo

Compare this photo to the first photo in the "Immediately pre-op" entry and you'll see that I have indeed returned to my pre-op look. I admit that I have been fortunate, compared to some others, in two respects: no shock loss to speak of and very little pinkness in the recipient area. Everyone heals differently of course.

6-weeks-post-op - this is close up part my donor area

This is a close up of the part of my donor area which is not healing as nicely as I had hoped. The left side is absolutely fine, but the right side seems a little oozy, and can be spotty and scabby as I hope this picture shows. It's not painful or noticeable and the rest of my hair covers it up fine. It's just a bit of an irritant, that's all. I'm dabbing a bit of tea-tree oil on it from time to time. I've stopped using Vitamin E oil because, once my hair grew back from the close buzz a few weeks ago, it just made my hair look really greasy.

6-weeks-post-op - recipient area left part donor area.

Recipient area from left, and part of donor area. Outside, no flash or concealer. I'm going grey now!!

6-weeks-post-op - recipient area right. outside no

Recipient area from right. Outside, no flash or concealer.

6-weeks-post-op - donor area behind. the line in hair

Donor area from behind. The line in the hair is still noticeable (if you know what you're looking for). I am wearing concealer less and less now and no-one has said anything. If they do, I will either say that I have "hat hair" or that I gave myself a rather uneven haircut. There are plenty of other pictures I could show you, in different lighting, where the donor area is almost impossible to detect.