Acrobaz's - Profile page 6.5-months-post-op-short-hair

Posted :9/7/2009

I have buzzed my hair down myself, to about a number four, to examine for myself how the HT is really doing. This is the shortest my hair has been since about 15 weeks post op. In my view, it shows slow but steady progress. The progress is most visible from the left side. The right side and the part behind the forelock are developing more slowly (they were also the areas that had lost most hair, if you look at my pre-op pics). All in all, I am very pleased with the way things have gone so far.

6.5-months-post-op-short-hair - the back. no scar

The back. No scar, but a very faint indentation remains (with hair this short) if one looks very carefully.

6.5-months-post-op-short-hair - the crown. no ht work

The crown. No HT work done here, but I took this to test for myself how the propecia is holding up. Very well, I think.

6.5-months-post-op-short-hair - the forelock.

The forelock.

6.5-months-post-op-short-hair - from right. still

From the right. Still the slower growing part.

6.5-months-post-op-short-hair - the hairline - comparison

The hairline - a comparison with the same pic at 15 weeks is useful.

6.5-months-post-op-short-hair - from left. love this

From the left. Love this picture!