Acrobaz's - Profile page 8-months-post-op

Posted :10/17/2009

I have not cut my hair since the last blog entry, and I see some improvement (although not a huge amount) from my pictures at 5 months. The left side is still much better than the right side. In these pictures, I am out of the shower with towel-dried hair and no product.

8-months-post-op - from left - this has really thickened

From the left - this has really thickened up. I'm very pleased indeed with this side. In fact, I'd be happy with this as my 15-month position.

8-months-post-op - from top. for measure improvement

From the top. For the measure of improvement, this is best compared with the second photo down at the 10-week stage, when my hair was a similar length and I was largely back to my pre-op look.

8-months-post-op - from right - still lagging behind.

From the right - still lagging behind. I hope the difference will diminish over time.

8-months-post-op - from front. here is where difference

From the front. Here is where the difference is most noticeable. Compare the picture from the same angle at 6 weeks post-op (second photo down). Quite an improvement!

8-months-post-op - hairline. i like this angle.

Hairline. I like this angle.

8-months-post-op - ive added this one to expose -

I've added this one to expose - purposefully - the illusion of density. A bright halogen light is directly above my head, and the line of my scalp is visible through my forelock.