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Posted :2/26/2009

9-days-post-op - top down. lack flash poor lighting

Top down. Lack of flash and poor lighting means my skin looks yellower than usual.

9-days-post-op - close-up hairs growing back through

Close-up of hairs growing back through tricho closure.

9-days-post-op - wispy hairs at front growing back

Wispy hairs at front growing back!

9-days-post-op - donor area still stapled. it feels

Donor area, still stapled. It feels tight still, but has caused me no discomfort. I have been using antiseptic cream on it once a day. My intention is to take some honest pictures of my donor area as I progress, as I know that many who are thinking about having a hair transplant procedure are most concerned about its ongoing visibility, in terms of returning to work.

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