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Posted :10/27/2009

I upload mostly pictures that show my hair as it appears under direct bright light. While that is an honest portrayal, it can mislead viewers as to the effect of the "illusion" of density when out of direct bright light (as I am for most of the time). These two pictured below were taken from almost exactly the same angle: but one was pre-op, while the other was taken today at 8.5 months' post-op. I had a haircut last week - a sort of textured crop - which gave my hair a bit more "shape". I thought you might find them interesting. The difference is clear. It's great for me to see. This is actually my left side pictured; the camera on my laptop reverses the image.

direct-comparison-pre-op-and-8.5-months - 8.5 months

8.5 months post-op

direct-comparison-pre-op-and-8.5-months - pre-op