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Posted :2/17/2010

Well, it's been a long time, but I'm finally able to write my "one year post-op" entry. In these photos, my hair is longer. I am providing three sets: (1) this set, being wet (both slicked back and tousled); (2) dry tousled (outside); and (3) dry tousled (inside). All outside pictures were taken in natural bright light (albeit not a sunny day) and the inside pictures were taken with flash. While the right-hand side remains less dense than the left-hand side, there is no doubt that having longer hair helps maintain the illusion of density on both sides.I remain very happy with my HT and have no regrets. 

one-year-post-op-wet - front/top wet & tousled

Front/top, wet & tousled

Right-hand side, wet & tousled

one-year-post-op-wet - left-hand side slicked back

Left-hand side, slicked back

Right-hand side, slicked back

one-year-post-op-wet - front/top head slicked back

Front/top of head, slicked back

Left-hand side, wet & tousled