Acrobaz's - Profile page Two-years-&-6-months-post-op

Posted :8/14/2011

I continue to be happy with my results. The transplanted hair has continued to mature. These latest pictures were taken outside with no flash in the usual way, apart from one which I took indoors (and is a little less focused) which is intended to show how my hair looked when it was a bit longer, with a 'soft' parting on the left side. I recognise that the HT looks more effective when my hair is longer because that adds to the illusion of density. It remains slightly less dense on the right hand side but I can mitigate that through the soft parting when my hair is a little longer. Unfortunately, I have begun to notice my hair continuing to thin a little further back - but that's life! I take propecia but it is impossible to know how my hair would look if I didn't.

Longer with side parting

two-years-&-6-months-post-op - from front

From the front

two-years-&-6-months-post-op - left hand side

Left hand side

two-years-&-6-months-post-op - right hand side

Right hand side

two-years-&-6-months-post-op - the back

The back