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Posted :12/10/2009

Well everyone who knows me knows i have had the operation and are really pleased and happy for me!
I don't really care that people know so not going to hide my face anymore....OHhhhh finally you can all see my face.... "blank it again quick" i hear you all cry lol!!!
Basically i'm really really happy i still use a little nanogen on the crown and will maybe (definatly) need to go and have the crown done in the future but right now i'm happy and enjoying life, looking in shop windows :P and having a laugh with mates.... I even pose for photos!!!!! crazy lol
Here are some pics then....
Oh PS i think its just the gel i use that clumps my hair together need to get onto wax or something i think... (Any suggestions?)

happy-me-at-11-months -

happy-me-at-11-months -

happy-me-at-11-months -

happy-me-at-11-months - totally drunk lol

Totally Drunk lol

happy-me-at-11-months - out piss

Out on the piss

happy-me-at-11-months - with family

With the Family