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Posted :7/5/2008

The 3 weeks after my hair transplant, surgery went as follows: 
Sleeping was uncomfortable for the first week.  It was difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position and I was constantly worried that I would disturb the transplanted hair.  I was probably over concerned.  I had some swelling on my face for the first 5 days but not too severe. I did all the post-op stuff the Doctor recommended and everything went pretty well.  The first week was the most difficult but again it was mostly mild soreness, and the inconvenience of dealing with the hair washing and worrying about injuring the newly transplanted hairs.  Any pain I did feel was easily controlled with the pain meds the doctor prescribed.  I stopped taking any pain meds at all after about 7 days.
In summary, if I end up with a cosmetically satisfactory result, the small discomfort I went through will have been well worth it.  My biggest concern is to end up with hair that still looks very sparse and doesn't look much better than what I now have.  I have no reason to feel that is what will happen but I do think about it.  My expectations aren't to have a full, dense head of hair but I would like to have hair that can be styled and looks good even if it still looks relatively thin.  We'll have to wait and see. Doctors Dorin and True both told me that I should see a significant improvement.  I have no reason at this point to think otherwise.  BTW: I continued to use Propecia before and after the surgery and resumed using Rogaine about two weeks after the transplant.

about-3-weeks-after-transplant - prior to surgery

Prior to the surgery I "buzzed" whatever hair I had on the top of my head to about a 1/4 inch. There wasn't much but it looked a lot neater. As you can see the top has healed very nicely and I feel very comfortable not wearing a hat. Although I've told a lot of people that I have had a transplant, it's relatively difficult to detect. Except for a little redness on top, it looks fairly normal. I still feel some tightness in the donor area and some numbness as well but so far so good. Most of the transplanted hairs have fallen out and whatever is showing is my original hair. All in all there is nothing much to see yet but I have healed quite well in the first three weeks. I'm looking forward to the coming months and just need to stop looking in the mirror constantly. Right now I expect that there won't be anything to see with respect to new growth until the middle of September or later. I'll continue to post pictures monthly. If there's anything new to show in the interim, I'll post more frequently.