Arries's - Profile page 1-month

Posted :10/1/2007

Alright boys its been a month since my hair transplant surgery and I am guessing this is just the beginning of the doldrums that sucks. I have to go to work in two days so that will be interesting, I will be able to sport a hat. Tell me what you think...

1-month - wet hair scar pic right rear head

Wet hair Scar pic right rear of head

1-month - right temple with signs hope disgusting

Right temple with signs of hope, disgusting ingrwon puss signs but I'll take it.

1-month - wet hair scar pic back head

Wet Hair scar pic back of head

1-month - dry scar pic right head. the only noticeable

Dry scar pic right of head. The only noticeable place of shock loss. Look just under my finger and above my ear. With hair not pushed aside shock loss not noticeable.

1-month - shedding has finally ceased i am left with

Shedding has finally ceased and I am left with pretty much what I had before, with a really short haircut.

1-month - left temple

Left temple