Arries's - Profile page 11-Days-Post-Scar-Pics-

Posted :9/8/2007

Hey everyone, this is my scar at day 11 post op.  The first day without staple right out of the shower.  Not enough pics of donor scars out there, hope this helps some.  The pics are mostly of the right and rear of my head.  Doc didn't need to extend the strip on my left temple for the grafts I needed.

11-days-post-scar-pics- - same side with hair lifted

Same side with hair lifted away from scar.

11-days-post-scar-pics- - right rear head.

Right rear of head.

11-days-post-scar-pics- - tricho closure with hairs

Tricho Closure with hairs coming through the scar. Nice!

11-days-post-scar-pics- - a very cool angle showing

A very cool angle showing the hair follicles coming through the "new skin". Don't give me too much credit that was a blind shot.

11-days-post-scar-pics- - attempted to capture right

Attempted to capture right temple and right rear of head... I failed. I will get better at pictures.

11-days-post-scar-pics- - back head.

Back of head.