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Posted :12/10/2007

Alright guys sorry so late.  I broke up with my girlfriend so the room, the camera, and the lighting has changed.  The pictures before had a flash, these pictures are done in some regular lighting without a flash.  Sorry about the change.  At three months I am having a lot of growth, but it kinda sucks because I still have a messed up hair do (because of the buzz cut).  I have a lot of new hair but since my hair is already fine the new hair coming out will take a little bit before it thickens up nicely.  The pictures with my finger in the way is to show the growth of the new hair region.  I can't wait for the next two months to go bye!

3months-recipient-area- - its nice to see all that

Its nice to see all that new growth, my face is becoming more framed everyday.

3months-recipient-area- - sorry off centered i have

Sorry off centered I have someone new taking the pictures...

3months-recipient-area- - my combed forward look.

My combed forward look.

3months-recipient-area- - i will get better pictures

I will get better pictures next month I promise.

3months-recipient-area- - its rough estimate how much

Its a rough estimate of how much is new... I'm trying...

3months-recipient-area- - once again rough estimate...

Once again a rough estimate... Sorry for the nail I cut them after I saw that pic.... nasty.