Arries's - Profile page 4-Month-Donor-Scar

Posted :1/4/2008

As you guys know I have been religiously taking close up exposing pictures of the donor scar.  Many take pictures of the scar from a medium range that shows the scar and the persons profile.  In these pictures I recently got a haircut and buzzed the sides down to a 3-4 clip blend, more on the 3 clip side I believe.  The haircut was a week before the pictures.  Right after the haircut I asked my friend to see if he could see the scar.  He said, "What am I exactly looking for, I don't see anything."  I was ecstatic.  The scar has really became less pink in the last month.  I am taking extreme close up shots of the donor scar because no one has documented month by month with close up exposing pictures, I hope this helps others.   I won't be  measuring it till around a year post op...

4-month-donor-scar - right side with 3-4 clip haircut.

Right side with a 3-4 clip haircut. Medium range shot.

4-month-donor-scar - back head. sorry blurry scar

Back of Head. Sorry blurry, but the scar in this picture has gotten considerably thinner and less pink.

4-month-donor-scar - back head 3-4 clip haircut. medium

Back of head 3-4 clip haircut. Medium range shot directly under a pretty bright light.

4-month-donor-scar - right side close up. scar looks

Right Side close up. Scar looks a lot bigger when a close up picture is taken. It is getting hard to find, hairs are just beginning to grow through.

4-month-donor-scar - left side. this side is still

Left Side. This side is still the most pink. Doc said skin could be irritated due to hairs beginning to grow through. Once again pictures don't do justice. But I will expose the scar so everyone cane see month by month what to expect.