Arries's - Profile page 4-days-post-op

Posted :9/1/2007

I will get better at taking pictures I promise! I think it looks real clean, give some feed back and help a brotha out...

4-days-post-op - right temple..

Right Temple..

4-days-post-op - i know too close im working it.

I know too close, I'm working on it.

4-days-post-op - scab in rear my head. that was worst

Scab in the rear of my head. That was the worst one, I eventually got it down to almost nothing days later.

4-days-post-op - scab in rear towards right side

Scab in the rear towards right side

4-days-post-op - left temple..

Left temple..

4-days-post-op - scabs scar over right ear

Scabs on scar over right ear