Arries's - Profile page 5-months-recipient-and-scar-pics.

Posted :2/5/2008

Alright guys 5 months after my hair transplant and the growth is continuing. I know still early but I am slowly getting excited about how the final outcome will be.

5-months-recipient-and-scar-pics. - left side blurry

Left Side blurry picture sorry. Its filling in

5-months-recipient-and-scar-pics. - top down look.

Top Down look. getting escited

5-months-recipient-and-scar-pics. - this part scar

This part of the scar is still pretty pink kinda concerned.

5-months-recipient-and-scar-pics. - back head scar

back of Head scar fading getting smaller and hairs are finally growing through the scar more noticeably, very happy.

5-months-recipient-and-scar-pics. - right side hairline.

Right side hairline. Still kinda thin I know its still early.

5-months-recipient-and-scar-pics. - front hairline

Front hairline shot.