Arries's - Profile page Day-18-Post-Op

Posted :9/17/2007

About three weeks since my hair transplant, and the shedding has really begun. It stinks! I got to go back to work in two and a half weeks hope my native hair starts growing more. I selected the pictures that I believed showed the "worst" shed and scar pics. All pics I take are in the same room with the same lighting and flash, to keep a constant.

day-18-post-op - left temple.

Left Temple.

day-18-post-op - top down view. its shedding noooooooooo.

Top down view. Its shedding NOOOOOOOOOO. It will come back, i hate waiting.

day-18-post-op - back head scar.

Back of Head scar.

day-18-post-op - right temple.

Right Temple.

day-18-post-op - right rear scar.

Right Rear scar.