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Posted :8/28/2007

Just started my blog and just got photos. I will do my best to keep them going!

morning-after-surgery - left temple. cant wait whole

Left temple. Can't wait a whole year....... Small shaven spot just over my ear was shaved just in case the doc needed to get more out of the stip, he didn't need to.

morning-after-surgery - i think this still was same

I think this still was the same day, I am not sure, the pain meds were great, they obviously did their job. This picture was taken by the man himself Dr. Ron Shapiro. Very caring and extremely talented doctor. Slight swelling in forehead that just about as bad as it got, honestly...

morning-after-surgery - right temple. the only thing

Right Temple. The only thing I wish the doc did better was take closer pictures. Just kidding he was a 11 out of 10.