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Posted :8/19/2013

My hair is growing very slowly. At pre-op I had a reasonable amount of hair which looked OKish when I brushed it down over my temples, I'd hoped that this would grow back to a greater extent than it has. I'd figured 1/2 inch per month so 3/4 inch at 6 weeks to give me a nice covering to blend in with my other hair and make a smooth transition for returning to work in 2 weeks (I am a school teacher). I think I've probably had a fair amount of shock loss. Unfortunately, my students are going to see a huge contrast to when  they last saw me as I now look substantially bald at the front. I can't think of any plausible excuse for why I would lose so much hair over the summer break and I'm afraid of whispered comments in the playground and staffroom about hair transplants and all the stigma that goes with this. I'll try using Toppik and hope that might help, but I'm becoming increasingly anxious. I really want to keep my HT transplant a secret, but I can't wear a hat at school. Could I possibly refer to some condition that's given me temporary alopecia? Are there any scalp conditions or infections that produce an effect similar to a HT in the 8 week stage. I'm OK now but things could get really awkward for me in a few weeks. 
The other problem I have is folliculitis; sore bumps on my scalp and spots appearing. I visited a Harley Street dermatologist (£200 for a 10 min. consultation!) and he put me on antibiotics. This cured me for a week but now I've finished the course and the folliculitis has returned. Curiously, at least half the spots I've been getting have been in parts of my scalp that hasn't been transplanted. Just a little anxious that folliculitis may have a negative result on my HT and compromise the final result.

6-weeks-update - raised reddish sore area in frontal

Raised reddish sore area in frontal core.

Yellowish folliculitis spot at crown

6-weeks-update - from behind

From behind

6-weeks-update - from above

From above

6-weeks-update - side view

Side view

6-weeks-update - apparent shock loss particularly

Apparent shock loss, particularly in temple area.