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Posted :7/7/2013

Pre-op stage: I had a 'brush down' rather than a 'comb over' style to disguise my thinning hair, which worked quite well. I still had a reasonable amount of hair – arguably too much to consider a hair transplant just yet  – but with continued thinning and temple recession the brush down style was becoming less credible. I also reasoned that having a hair transplant before baldness became really noticeable would make for a smoother transition, whilst saving me the embarrassment of having to own up to a hair transplant at a later stage. After much research, I decided to make the trip from the UK to USA to have a hair transplant with Ron Shapiro. Being a school teacher, I thought that my 8 week holiday would probably be long enough to grow back enough hair to ensure that no one noticed my hair transplant on returning to school in September. I was told about the 20% possibility of some shock loss which could make me appear 'slightly bald' for a short period, but I was also told that this would probably be temporary and be more than compensated for once the new transplanted hair grew. The shock loss prospect was worrying but the chances were 80% of not getting any, so I decided the risk was worth it.

pre-op - taken day op. this shows extent thinning

Taken on day of op., this shows extent of thinning and made me feel justified in going for hair tranplant.

pre-op - preview pic. emailed to shapiro medical with

Preview pic. emailed to Shapiro Medical with yellow line showing proposed new hair line

pre-op -

pre-op -

'Brush-down' style looking quite acceptable.

pre-op -