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Posted :11/8/2011

I'm pretty happy with the hair transplant. As you can see in the "After" picture, I am now combing my hair back, which I couldn't really pull off just a month ago. Wearing my hair forward still looks goofy as the hair follicles don't seem to want to go in aesthetically pleasing directions.
As for the future, I'm afriad to say the hair greed bug has hit me, and I now wish my hairline was an inch lower and I wish I had opted for enhancement of the sides. However, I'm not sure how wise a move that would be, considering I am still young and unsure of my future loss pattern. I may need my remaining grafts just to maintain how I look now in 20 years. Dr. Feller said that I have at least 7K grafts available, of which i used just over 2K. And it's tough for me to do the math, because I'm not sure now exactly how much of what I have is native hair; also I understand the crown requires more grafts.

8-months - 8 months post ht same cell phone same lighting

8 months post HT, same cell phone, same lighting, same flash

8-months - taken 1 month prior to ht using my shitty

Taken 1 month prior to HT, using my shitty vx8300 cell phone camera, with flash