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Posted :12/20/2010

Well i think now is where the mind job is happening and I knew it would come. At this point most of the hairs from the follicles have fallen out.  You can see in the pictures that there are still a few sticking out.  And i still continue to loose some of my native hairs. I hope that stops soon.    It seems to be at a the point where i started right before the transplant to maybe a little worse than where i started.  So now I'm 2.5 months in on Propecia.  I can't tell if it's working.  How do you know?   Oh well.  Only time will tell.  Patience is a virtue that SUX! LOL  Plus I've had a few pimples.  Is that normal?  They ITCH!!!

1-month-part1 -

1-month-part1 -

1-month-part1 - you cant really tell this picture

you can't really tell from this picture but it's still a little red. obviously you can see the hairs have fallen out. It used to look like fuzz for about 2 weeks after the op

1-month-part1 - hopefully at 9 months or year i can

hopefully at 9 months or a year i can look back at this picture and whatta change!

1-month-part1 - mpb..ure evil

MPB..u're evil!

1-month-part1 -