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Posted :11/25/2010

So far everything is going well.I did lose another 2 follicles.  But again i guess in the grand scheme of things 4, 5 or 10 follicles isn't bad.  Even tough I'd rather none.. As long as to many more don't fall out i'll be at peace. Strange thing to note here is that that while I have been sleeping quite comfortable at the 45 degree angle I woke up with a very swollen head,  and somewhat of a black eye.  Through the day it's gone down considerably but it's there. You will be able to see from the pictures.  I think though that the healing is going well. Any thoughts?? 

post-opday-3 -

post-opday-3 -

post-opday-3 - after shower. had trouble getting camera

after a shower. Had trouble getting the camera to focus

post-opday-3 - redness is still there not bad.

redness is still there but not bad.

post-opday-3 - martian head

Martian head!!!

post-opday-3 - good looking poke dots

good looking poke a dots

<p>I took these pictures when I woke up this morning.  Just got them uploaded</p>