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Posted :11/26/2010

All is still going well.  I went out last night and unfortunately rushed it a little putting a shirt over my head.  So in my own impatient folly I lost a couple of Follicles.  Lesson learned there ladies and Gents.  Patience is a great virtue. lol. So far to count about 10 follicles down the drain.   (neurotic or what?) Other than that the scabs are obvious.   This is my last morning of the graft cyte wrap on the head. Swelling has considerably gone.  The pictures I have posted are right after I showered and then hair dried.

post-opday-4 - you can see swelling going down. actually

you can see the swelling going down. Actually see the indentation returning to my forehead

post-opday-4 - looks like i got hit with some nasty

looks like I got hit with some nasty gravel

post-opday-4 - head right out showers. no real

Head right out of the showers. No real redness..Is that normal?

post-opday-4 - dry hair scabs are obvious

dry hair and the scabs are obvious

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