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Posted :11/28/2010

Again so far all is going well.  Healing is moving along.  Swelling is gone.. Tried to sleep on a pillow laying down but the pressure on my head was uncomfortable.  I felt the 45 Degree angle was more relaxing.  strange or what?  The native shedding continues to happen.  It's not an all out fall out,  so not alarming but still feels disturbing.  Still have a few hairs that I'm wondering if they are shedders or just FUT rejectors.  Any thoughts?

post-opday-6 - looks like pimples

looks like pimples

post-opday-6 - looks like i got hit with splotches

looks like i got hit with splotches of mud

so is this a follicle rejected or a shedder?

post-opday-6 - clean healing. you can somewhat see

Clean healing. YOu can somewhat see some of the little hairs sticking out. Hopefully they won't shed

post-opday-6 - doesnt look too bad does it

doesn't look too bad does it?

post-opday-6 - little sprouts in head.

little sprouts in the head.