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Posted :4/20/2009

Hi everyone,
  One month has past since my 2nd procedure The numbness and itchiness continue although less than a couple of weeks ago.  The donor area is still sore to the touch but the tightness has decreased.  My scalp is still a bit red but only noticeable in bright light or upon close examination.  It is definitely much easier to conceal than the first time because the hair from the last transplant is present.  It don't think I have had any shock loss of the new hairs. Be back in a month!!

april-19th-1-month-post-op-ht#-2 - side


april-19th-1-month-post-op-ht#-2 - front view

front view

april-19th-1-month-post-op-ht#-2 - quite few futs

quite a few fut's were put into this part area

april-19th-1-month-post-op-ht#-2 - top