Corvettester's - Profile page 6-Month-Update

Posted :4/18/2011

For the most part, it's coming along well...
There is a definite cosmetic improvement overall. As far as concerns go, below you can see how the immediate center is lagging behind in growth from the rest. The right Temple/Corner is coming along just great. The left Temple/Corner is still behind in growth by about 20%.

6-month-update - notice how hair in left temple is

Notice how the hair in the left temple is still very wispy and straggly. It stands straight up, unlike the right side which lays nicely.

6-month-update - i really like way it frames my face.

I really like the way it frames my face.

6-month-update -

6-month-update - i love it that corners are finally

I love it that the Corners are finally closed off. No more Widow's Peak!

6-month-update -

6-month-update - the left temple is still lagging

The left temple is still lagging behind the right temple in both growth and maturity by approximately 20%.