Corvettester's - Profile page 8-Month-Update

Posted :6/15/2011

Here I am at 8 months post-op... 
Bear in mind that the transplanted hair still has a lot more growing until it catches up with the native hair in length. I wear my hair about 6" long in the front; so far, the transplanted hair is only about 3" long. 

8-month-update - here is left side. as you can see

Here is the left side. As you can see, it's is still lagging behind in growth and maturity, but it's not as much as it was 4 months ago.

8-month-update - here you can see gaps between hairs

Here you can see the gaps between hairs and the low yield in the immediate center hairline.

8-month-update - here is right side. its coming along

Here is the right side. It's coming along very well. I'm very happy with it. For the second HT, I'll just add more density to it and it will be perfect then.

8-month-update -

8-month-update - one concerns i have with left side

One of the concerns I have with the left side is that it tends to stick straight up. I'm assuming that this is due to maturity and density issues. I'll be monitoring it closely.

8-month-update -