Corvettester's - Profile page Crown-&-Midsection-Update

Posted :6/20/2012

The following photos were taken almost 2 years apart from each other: August, 2010 to June, 2012.
I cannot see a difference in density or lay, nor can I feel any difference when I run my hands through my hair. It seems that my crown is strong.

This first photo was taken in August, 2010.

crown-&-midsection-update - the last three pics are

The last three pics are from June, 2012

crown-&-midsection-update - these next two photos

These next two photos were taken in October, 2011.

crown-&-midsection-update -

crown-&-midsection-update -

crown-&-midsection-update -

crown-&-midsection-update - these last three pics

These last three pics are from June, 2012