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Posted :8/23/2011

I just got my sutures removed at 12 days post-op. Notice how the recipient area is barely red. At worse, it looks like a minor rash or a case of acne.

The healing process was much easier the second time around and much less traumatic an experience overall. Just like with my first procedure, there was no swelling, bleeding or oozing. Of course, my donor area is still sensitive but that will go with time. 

To date, there has been no shock loss. I didn't experience any last time either so I'm hoping that it holds this time as well.

ht-#2-10-day-update - notice how my hairline temple

Notice how my hairline and temple closures are much more pronounced and strong from my previous HTr. I'm sure that the second pass will finish the job.

ht-#2-10-day-update -

ht-#2-10-day-update - whats interesting this time

What's interesting this time is that it's only been two weeks and the numbness is virtually gone. I thought that it would actually be worse this time... This is in stark contrast to last time where my midsection remained numb for over 5 months post-op. I was beginning to get worried, thinking that it would never go back to normal, but it started to subside around month 6 and by month 8 I had normal sensation again.

ht-#2-10-day-update -

ht-#2-10-day-update -

ht-#2-10-day-update - im so pleased with my left temple

I'm so pleased with my left temple point. It came out perfect. Compare it to my before pics where you will see that it didn't simply exist!