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Posted :8/10/2011

For the past couple months I have been taking photos of some of the more egregiously wispy, straggly, wiry or curly newly transplanted hairs. Of course, these hairs are immature and have a long way to go before they blend in with my naturally straight, fine, blonde hair.

However, I thought some of you might find it useful to see what to expect from some of the new growth.

Please bear in mind that these hairs are not the majority of new growth by any means. I reckon that they make up 25% of the new growth and are by far the more extreme anomalies...

new-growth-update - some reaching 3 inches in length

Some reaching 3 inches in length, yet crooked and wiry all the way.

new-growth-update - this bunch is more curvy wavy.

This bunch is more curvy and wavy. It makes it difficult for my hair to lay naturally.

new-growth-update -

new-growth-update - the texture is interesting too.

The texture is interesting too. They're quite hard and brittle.,,,,

new-growth-update - notice how first one bears absolutely

Notice how the first one bears absolutely no resemblance to any of my native hair.

new-growth-update -