Corvettester's - Profile page Pre-Ht:-Hairline-Design

Posted :10/17/2010

My Goals:

1. To create a definite, pronounced hairline that "frames” my face. Until now, I've always had a nebulous, ill-defined and indistinct hairline. I want it to be precise and delineated.

2. To create pronounced temple points.

3. To fill in the receded areas as densely as possible.

4. To restore my hairline back to its original: 1.5 - 2cm lower.

pre-ht-hairline-design - as you can see now hairline

As you can see now, the hairline where the temple point should be just goes straight up. Therefore, a very pronounced temporal point will do wonders to my frame. I'm really hoping for a major result with my upcoming HT. If I can fill this gap, it will look significantly better.

pre-ht-hairline-design - notice that my left temple

Notice that my left temple area has much more hair loss than my right... weird! I part my hair from left to right, so my left is especially exposed considering that there is so much more recession. 

I really hope to create a strong frame with my new hairline. My entire life, I've always wanted that, but have had a nebulous hairline instead.

pre-ht-hairline-design -

pre-ht-hairline-design - notice how my left temporal

Notice how my left temporal area has significantly more recession than the right.

pre-ht-hairline-design - ive always had high hairline

I've always had a high hairline / big forehead. Therefore, we're going to lower the now receded hairline almost back to the original, which is about 1cm. 

We're going to be conservative this time around.

pre-ht-hairline-design - my right side has less recession

My right side has less recession and a more pronounced temple point. I hope to have the same on the left after the HT.