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Posted :5/6/2008

This is a picture taken recently. I am 3 months away from my hair transplant scheduled for August 1st with Dr. Feller. I know that my crown loss area is huge. Dr. Feller suggested 3000 grafts in the anterior most part of the crown in a dense pack. I think dense pack is the way to go because I think the results will come out the best. I believe 3000 will cover the majority of the crown loss area, but still may leave some of the posterior part exposed. Maybe I can revisit the posterior at a later date.
I understand that this most likely won't be the last hair transplant and that I will most likely lose alot more hair down the road, but I've decided to take this first leap of faith.
P.S. - The first pick still shows some Dermatch that wasn't completely washed out :-)
As you can see the area of loss is large and Dr. Feller suggested 3000 grafts in a dense pack to cover the anterior most portion of the crown.

pre-op - pre-op crown

Pre-Op Crown

pre-op - more pre-op crown

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