Dewayne's - Profile page 8-Days-Post-Op

Posted :3/29/2008

I've felt very little pain or discomfort.  The old plug holes are noticeable, but a couple of the scabs came off of those today so I expect them to be looking natural in a week.

This is my scar. I've still got stitches.

8-days-post-op - this is my non-part side top.

This is my non-part side on the top.

8-days-post-op - in bathroom with flash dont know

In the bathroom with a flash (Don't know how to turn it off)

8-days-post-op - with native hairs combed up.

With native hairs combed up.

8-days-post-op - this is my crown. i think he put

This is my crown. I think he put about 750 here, but took out a lot of the old plugs with 4 - 8 hairs that looked very unnatural.