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Posted :8/26/2008

In the spirit of the Democratic convention, I'm repeating these pics at my kitchen table at night.  Taken with my laptop camera, these are comparable to the same setting as one of my three month pics, for comparison.  I'm looking better, but I'm also expecting much more growth in the coming months.!

five-months - my picture taking stinks i wanted to

My picture taking stinks, but I wanted to reveal my hairline as I had a row of plugs removed five months ago. There are still a few of the 'mini's' back toward the middle of my head, but not in the crown.

five-months - five months day here. i can tell im

Five months and a day here. I can tell I'm seeing some growth, and I look 100% better. But, I'm still thinking I've got a lot to look forward to in the coming months.