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Posted :6/8/2010

I've been very bad in the last few months about updating my journal but, I figure with the 6 month milestone being reached, it's time to buckle down and talk about the journey to this point.Overall, I've been pretty happy with my results to this point and, if I'm being honest, the results pretty accurately reflect what Dr. Rahal told me to expect, despite the fact that I'd like to see more density on the right side of my hairline where I had the most loss prior to surgery.  That being said, I'm only 6 months in and I'm hoping the hairs will continue to mature and add to the illusion of density in the hairline.  It's funny because I've always had very fast growing hair and expected to be an early-grower, but I seem to be on an average growth curve.Dr. Rahal told me that it would look great from afar but might be a bit thin at the hairline close up, but he couldn't put any more donor hair in the hairline at this point to protect for potential future surgeries.  He did say that, when it was complete, it would be a result most people would kill for.  But, the hairline might still be a bit see-through.  I suppose this is due to the density of the hair I still had, as well as how dark my hair is.  He mentioned that, with Toppik, it could be an outstanding result and, even 6 months in, that's true.  With the slightest bit of Toppik I have an extremely full hairline and can use gel and style in almost any way that I wish (though not every way that I wish).  I'm hoping further thickening might help this a bit.    One thing that I think gets lost in the whole conversation about surgery success is the other aspects of the surgery besides growth and yield.  I want to make a point of mentioning that as, prior to surgery, I was QUITE nervous about issues such as scarring, numbness, tenderness, etc.Dr. Rahal proved to be a gentleman and a scholar right from my first meeting with him and I never doubted his intentions and his professionalism.  With that said, his success with me as far as naturalness, scarring, numbness, tenderness has been nothing short of awesome.  If you look at my photos, you'll notice there's absolutely zero visual trace of the surgery.  I haven't had any long term numbness, there's no visible scarring in the donor or recipient area and my hair sits exactly as it did prior to surgery.  Only my girlfriend and parents knew of my surgery and no one has had any hint that anything ever took place.  I have one small spot on the side of my head where the stitches were tied that, if I scratch it, it's a bit tender.  Otherwise, no ill effects. I got two compliments this week from people telling me I have "great hair" and someone else saying, "man...you're hair is so full you'll never go bald."  Quite ironic and funny, but a testament to the success of the surgery.I'm eager to hear feedback and comments and look forward to replying to any and all inquiries about my experience with Dr. Rahal, my pre and post surgery journey to-date, etc. 

6-months-12-days - hairline right with flash - dry

Hairline right with flash - dry

6-months-12-days - hairline left with flash - wet

Hairline left with flash - wet

6-months-12-days - hairline right with flash - wet

Hairline right with flash - wet

6-months-12-days - hairline with flash - dry

Hairline with flash - dry

6-months-12-days - hairline left with flash - dry

Hairline left with flash - dry

6-months-12-days - hairline top view with flash -

Hairline top view with flash - dry