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Posted :11/24/2008

Take a look at my sexy pics.  I have hit the two month point and hopefully the halfway point through the doldrums and as bald as ever!! It has probably been the longest two months of my life in terms of the waiting and hoping to see some changes. Have not yet ditched the hat in social functions, but will do so come Thanksgiving time.

A good guesstimate is that 75% of my newly planted hairs have shed so far. The ones that are hanging on are growing and I am not sure when they are going to jump ship, if at all. The forelock is slowly coming back, but probably not fully due to some shockloss.

The recipient area remains a tad pink, but in certain light it cannot be seen. Sunlight and fluorescent light are where you can see the pinkness. I think that the color remains due to the recipient area being dry. Too much shampooing (1x a day) and the use of Rogaine foam (2x a day) doesn’t help. I use an all-natural mild shampoo, but like the baby shampoo, it is still drying. I apply aloe or vitamin e oil every once in a while to add some moisture. As you can tell, I am trying to use only all natural products in the recipient zone.

The fun pimples have come out to play in earnest. Every time I think I am clean and clear, another one pops up (literally?!). I feel like a teenager again, except as an adult they are more than annoying.

The scar is a non-issue. The existing hair around the scar zone covers the scar at this time, but I need to get my hair cut again as it kind of sits strangely in the back. I equate it to hat head. Every third night I have my girlfriend apply vitamin e oil to the scar to assist with the healing. She says the left side is almost possible to find, the right side is still a little pink and that hair is beginning to grow through the scar.

Not much else to report. It is like waiting for water to boil, watching the paint dry, or watching the grass grow…I will be patient, I promise!

2-monthsoutside - two months outside- right. cant

Two Months Outside- Right. Can't really see the scar.

2-monthsoutside - two months outside- left. found

Two Months Outside- Left. Found a pimple after looking at this pic!?!

2-monthsoutside - two months outside- top. you can

Two Months Outside- Top. You can see some of the pinkness...not too bad.

2-monthsoutside - two months outside- front. same

Two Months Outside- Front. Same bald dome as before the hair transplant.

2-monthsoutside - two months outside- back. looking

Two Months Outside- Back. Looking at me from this angle and no sign of any transplant.