EnkiGt's - Profile page 2-Weeks-Post-Op

Posted :2/21/2012

14 Days gone and everything has gone well, thus far.  Since I'm from Boston, I went to a walk-in for the suture removal instead of going to New York to see Dr. Dorin.  The Doctor that attended me in the clinic was very impressed with Dorin's work and mentioned how well it has healed.  I didn't even bleed while she removed the suture!
Anyways, 2 weeks down, many more to go.  So far, no bleeding form the recipient or donor area.  Now for the results!

2-weeks-post-op - left temple.

Left Temple.

2-weeks-post-op - the front hair line. here you can

The front hair line. Here you can see that the technicians planted the grafts in the same direction as my hair growth. The left side is standing straight up, which is sorta of giving the illusion of less hair, but trust me they are there. On the right, the hairs were transplanted to the side. It is easier to see the next two slides. I've already started to shed some of hairs on top of the ones that came off with the scabs.

2-weeks-post-op - right temple.

Right temple.

2-weeks-post-op - i have long hair so it was easy

I have long hair, so it was easy find where the one long suture was since it is surrounded by a thin band of shaved hair. Yes, it was one long suture. You can see here how thin it is, compared to my finger.