EnkiGt's - Profile page Day-3-Post-Op

Posted :2/9/2012

So I went through the procedure with Dr. Robert Dorin and it really was great.  I didn't feel a thing and the staff was very nice and accomodating.  We were shooting for 1200 grafts, but ended up with 1369, so I wasn't complaining.  Pain has been minimal.  I took vicodin before bed on day 1 and been on advil since.  No swelling and absolutely no bleeding.  I've been following the post op procedures closely, but I'm curious if there is anything I can do to ensure the scabs fall off by day 5 (Have to go to work).  I've noticed that some surgeons give their patients their own saline solution spray and vitamin e oil. 

day-3-post-op - left temple

Left Temple

day-3-post-op - right temple

Right Temple

day-3-post-op - fron hairline

Fron Hairline