FacelessMan's - Profile page Update,-3-Months-Photos-Taken-9-22-06

Posted :10/13/2006

Better late than never! At three months, things are going as anticipated, which I hope I've adequately illustrated in the photos below. I am seeing initial growth, mostly at the hairline, and in certain light can see the sort of "shadow" of hair in the recipient area that I had seen before the grafts shed. The original hair has of course grown longer, but is still not quite at combing/styling length (translation, it does at it damn well pleases). In addition, the temple-point hair has filled in and thckened; in fact, it never shed in the first place.

update-3-months-photos-taken-9-22-06 - left side.

Left side.


update-3-months-photos-taken-9-22-06 - front upward

Front, upward angle.

update-3-months-photos-taken-9-22-06 - top closer

Top, closer in.

update-3-months-photos-taken-9-22-06 - right side.

Right side.

update-3-months-photos-taken-9-22-06 - top/front.


** UPDATE, Approx. 3.5 Months after my hair transplant (Photos Forthcoming) **

Continued growth; hairline more defined and hair behind it noticeably filling in and covering what were previously vast expanses of shiny scalp! I recently got a far-shorter-than-customary haircut, which for me means basically 2" or so all around (perhaps less, I didn't measure), in the hopes of making the still-short original hair that is growing in less obvious, with the result that I now simply look as if I have a standard, short cut. Definite thickening at the temple points; hair that looked more "translucent" a few weeks ago is now more defined, and blends in better with the sides. When my hair is wet, fresh from the shower, it blends flawlessly.