FacelessMan's - Profile page Update,-One-Month-7-20-06

Posted :7/25/2006

Here we are at one month...at this point, the shedding has been regular; lots of short (1 cm, give or take) hairs, usually when showering, that look as if they were clipped off. 
As you can (ideally) see from the photos, the balding pattern I had pre-procedure is becoming more visible as the transplanted hairs shed, and the original ones grow longer.  What the photos don't show are, at random parts of the recipient area, small hairs poking through.  Whether these are new ones coming in early or not, I'm not sure; I choose to be optimistic!
Feel free to post any questions you might have. 

update-one-month-7-20-06 - top view.

Top view.

update-one-month-7-20-06 - top left view.

Top left view.

update-one-month-7-20-06 - top view slightly different

Top view, slightly different angle.

update-one-month-7-20-06 - top right view.

Top right view.

update-one-month-7-20-06 - top front view.

Top front view.

update-one-month-7-20-06 - front view not sure how

Front view (not sure how useful this is).