FacelessMan's - Profile page Update,-Two-Months-8-22-06

Posted :8/27/2006

Just back from a superb week in the Outer Banks!  No tan visible, given that I had one or more hats faithfully insinuatged between my growing scalp and the North Carolina sun the entire time.
This time I took a few shots immediately after showering, pre-toweling, largely for the hell of it.  At this point, the hair in the recipient region is still short enough, however, that it doesn't look particularly different whether wet or dry.
I do not believe that there has been noticeable, if any, shockloss in the recipient area, although given that I've never had the hair on top as short as it is now, and that there wasn't an abundance of hair there to begin with, I can't be certain.  Considering that, after surgery, I had a solid "turf" of little hairs, up there, I'm eager to see them combined with what I originally had!

Top, wet after showering.

update-two-months-8-22-06 - left wet after showering

Left, wet after showering -- close-up.

Left, wet after showering.

update-two-months-8-22-06 - top wet after showering

Top, wet after showering -- close-up.

update-two-months-8-22-06 - right wet after showering.

Right, wet after showering. One word...OUCH (actually, a whole string of words)! Beach cottages built before 1940 have a certain charm. Lower doorways are not part of that charm...particularly not before 7:00 in the morning.

Front, wet after showering.

Onward and upward (literally)!  At this point, which as I type this is 8/27/06, I am closer to the 3-month transition point, and hoping to see the original hair back to a more presentable length, with the transplanted hair beginning to kick in.