Gemini2's - Profile page 9-16-09-Surgery-Day

Posted :9/16/2009

9/16/09 - Surgery Day... Well, today was the Big Day...I was "second up" today with Doctor Hasson, which meant I got to watch the first phases of my brother, Gemini1's surgery--from creating the hairline, to anesthetizing the scalp, I got to see what I was in for... Again, Dr. Hasson took every effort to make Gemini1 comfortable and cared for at all times... They got Gemini1 going and off to a good start, and then after a couple of hours or so, it was my turn...Dr. Hasson took his time working in tandem with me to create a hairline I was satisfied with, and that would also match my brother's as closely as possible...While there was of course some discomfort at times during the course of the procedure, there was never a moment when they allowed us at any time to be in any pain at all, and what discomfort was there was not nearly as bad as I had feared in my weaker moments... Perhaps the worst part of the procedure was the initial pricks of the anesthesia-needle--again, unpleasant, but completely bearable...The process did take the better part of the entire day, and my unusually thick and tight scalp yielded considerably fewer grafts than hoped for (and than a "normal" scalp probably would), but this was expected as Gemini1 had the same condition, and Dr. Hasson, with his expertise, maximized the grafts we did harvest to the fullest extent possible, and created what we hope (and fully expect!) to be a much fuller, denser, natural hairline than could have been achieved at the hands of any other surgeon anywhere...I anxiously await the results...!