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Posted :9/15/2009

I'll begin this Blog where I feel the Journey more or less itself began--Consultation Day, September 15th, 2009...After months and months of research, my twin brother, (Gemini1 on these boards), and I decided to have our transplants done at the same time by the same doctor, Dr. Victor Hasson of Hasson and Wong...  After all of our due diligence, reading for months on these forums, watching the many High Def videos on the Hasson and Wong website (the ONLY site we could find with anything LIKE these kind of high-tech/real-results/nothing-held-back videos!), and even meeting with several of their clients in person (for REAL!--I met with FOUR of them myself before my surgery!), we were convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hasson and Wong are the best in the world, and we had made the right decision...If we had any remaining fears at all, they were put to rest the minute we walked in the doors of the Vancouver office... Greeted warmly by Joe and Doug, we were made to feel completely at ease right away... They took care of us from minute ONE like we were family, and the entire staff--from the Doctor to the technicians to the receptionists, were constantly checking in to make sure we were comfortable, well attended and had everything we needed. We talked for awhile with Joe and Doug, and asked a ton of questions, each of which they fully answered.  They then took our "before"/pre-op photos (some posted below) and video, all the while doing whatever they could to provide an atmosphere where we felt comfortable, supported and safe...Likewise, our pre-op interview/consultation with Dr. Hasson was comfortable, informative, and reassuring... Dr. H is a warm, affable, incredibly intelligent guy, with a sharp wit, and a surprisingly disarming sense of humor... More than this, though, the guy simply knows his stuff better than anyone I've ever heard talk on the subject... He took the time to answer all of our questions, and not just on a surface level, but deeply and to our satisfaction... We never felt rushed or hurried. Also, Dr. H took the time to go very in-depth with what to expect, both during the procedure and afterwards, what they would be doing, and WHY, and step-by-step, how they would be taking care of us every step of the way... Both Gemini1 and myself walked out of our Consultation excited and confident that we were in the best hands on the planet for our procedure...! Pre-op...Top View--Close Up...  

pre-op-consultation-day-9-15-09 - front view...that

Front View...That forelock wasn't fooling anyone anymore...!

pre-op-consultation-day-9-15-09 - top view...a little

Top View...A little further back

pre-op-consultation-day-9-15-09 - this was best i

This was the best I could do...until now!

Other Pre-op Photos

pre-op-consultation-day-9-15-09 -

pre-op-consultation-day-9-15-09 -