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Posted :7/27/2011

The big day! I woke up early and scrubbed down in the shower with Hibiclens and got into my stylish sweatpants and headed down for a big breakfast. The hotel picked me up at 6:45 sharp and we made the long 3 minute trek to Dr. Cooley's office.

One of the techs, Stephanie greeted me at the door and double checked the consent forms and, most importantly, helped me make out my movie list and lunch order. Dr. Cooley then came in and went over our plan one more time, gave me some valium, demerol and other fun stuff and then took the "before" photos.

We got into the surgery room and gave me the Versed intravenously and prepped for excision. Dr. Cooley uses a very cool vibrating/massaging thing that distracts you from the needle that gives the local anesthetic. I have heard plenty of people talk here about that being the worst part and I can honestly say, I hardly felt any of the injections all day. 

I was conscious through the excision but very relaxed and wasn't bothered at all. It went by very quickly and the next thing I knew, Dr. Cooley was making the recipient incisions. Next he and the lead tech, Brandi, were placing grafts while 8 other techs prepared the FUs.   

ht-day - hair babies getting ready to get their final

Hair babies getting ready to get their final prep.

ht-day - obligatory

Obligatory "line drawn on forehead" pic

Stephanie splitting up my little hair babies.

ht-day - sedatives are fun lol. this was taken at

Sedatives are fun! LOL. This was taken at lunch time. Dr. Cooley covered up my head and made me promise not to look. He said to peek too soon is like seeing a bride before the wedding day.

ht-day - my little soldiers taking bath acell holding

My little soldiers taking a bath Acell and holding solution. Dr. Cooley doesn't just use saline- he places the strip and 'slivers' in HypoThermosol at 4-10 degrees celsius to protect the grafts outside the body. For dissected grafts waiting to be placed, they put the grafts in cell culture solution (DMEM with HEPES buffer) for protection at room temperature. This solution has glucose, amino acids, buffers to protect the tissue. Cool, huh?

ht-day - there were 8 techs separating fus. i couldnt

There were 8 techs separating the FUs. I couldn't believe the size of the team.