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Posted :7/27/2011

Dr. Cooley was in the room placing with Brandi nearly the whole day. When he had to step out for a while, another experienced tech, Amy pitched in. From start to finish, I was there 11.5 hours. It seemed to fly by and everyone was so great I actually enjoyed my time there. 

Dr. Cooley ended up extracting 2508 FUs and covered an are of approximately 50 cm2 for a density averaging 50fu/cm2.

I think I had slightly higher than average hairs per FU. 

The breakdown is:
1s - 413
2s - 1030
3s - 837
4/5s - 228
for a total of 2508 grafts and 5896 hairs.
Dr. Cooley said the donor was closed with "no tension at all" which made me very happy. He used Acell in the wound. The next day a friend in the medical profession looked at it and said "That looks like a wound that has been healing for 2 weeks not 24 hours" so needless to say, I am thrilled and hope it continues to heal well. As it is now, I have a  hard time finding it just to put the antibiotic on. 
I couldn't believe how clean everything looked when he was finished. No bleeding, everything just looked neat and tidy. I couldn't have been happier. After being so worried in the weeks building up to this day, I couldn't have wished for a smoother procedure. 

After the shuttle took me back to the hotel, a former coworker who now lives in Charlotte picked me up and I felt so great we went out for dinner. What a great day. 

immediately-post-op - upclose


About 30 minutes after surgery

About 30 minutes after surgery

immediately-post-op - photo dr. cooley took while

Photo Dr. Cooley took while I was still in the chair.

About 30 minutes after surgery