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Posted :7/25/2011

Nine Days After Surgery
Wednesday, July 20, 2011
I am now officially nine days post-op and this whole experience just could not have been any better.   Dr Rahal’s facility is truly nothing less than world class.  I have met people from literally every corner of the globe during the past nine days and without exaggeration, everyone that I have met is incredibly overwhelmed by the quality of Dr. Rahal’s work, the friendliness and generosity of his staff and, above all else, the look of their new hairlines.
Since my arrival, the day before my surgery, I have been staying at the Foxbar Guesthouse. It is very close to Dr Rahal’s office and also extremely well suited for your recovery after hair transplant surgery.  The rates are very reasonable and the owner is always ready to go out of his way to ensure that your stay is pleasant, comfortable and memorable. It is almost like a quaint little Bed and Breakfast but for hair transplant patients.  I quite frankly do not think that there is a place quite like it anywhere in the world. (And just for the record, I am not being paid or receiving any type of discount for my opinions towards the Foxbar Guesthouse. It is really a great and convenient place to stay and the people that I have met here over the last several days have become great new friends primarily because we all have one thing in common to talk about that being hair transplant surgery).      
Since day one (that is to say since day one post-surgery), I have been taking the short five minute walk from the Foxbar Guesthouse over to Dr Rahal’s office (and quite often accompanied by other patients who are also in the post-op stage) to receive my daily scalp wash and I can honestly say that the aftercare at his office is second to none.  Dr Rahal has always taken the time during my (and our) daily visits to inspect my scalp and answer any question that I may have.  Truly he is a physician who cares for his patients. 
The healing process since my surgery is going very well.  I have at this point practically no redness near or around my donor area and the scabs in the recipient area are starting to fall off.  I feel absolutely no pain or discomfort anywhere on my head and everyone here at the Foxbar Guesthouse who examines my donor area up close is in awe at the quality of its closure and I at the quality of theirs.   
Nine days ago, at the start of this adventure; I truly felt that I had absolutely nothing to worry about because I believed that I was in good hands (thanks primarily to the blogs that I have read from Dr. Rahal’s previous patients here on the Hair Transplant Network).  I can honestly say now, nine days post-op, that my suspicions were correct; Dr Rahal is without a doubt one of the most gifted and caring hair transplant surgeons of our times.

9-days-post-op - 9 days post-op.
 even looks good

9 days Post-Op. Even looks good from the right.

9-days-post-op - 9 days post-op.

9 days Post-Op.

9-days-post-op - 9 days post-op.
 this new hairline

9 days Post-Op. This new hairline is just too cool.

9-days-post-op - 9 days post-op.
 this is my new

9 days Post-Op. This is my new profile! Yea!

9-days-post-op - 9 days post-op.
 i still cant believe

9 days Post-Op. I still can't believe that this was pretty much all barren land 9 days ago.

9-days-post-op - 9 days post-op.
 the donor area

9 days Post-Op. The donor area is healing great. No pain at all.